TikTok Ban in Pakistan – What PTA demands?

(ISLAMABAD): On Friday the 9th of October, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority blocked the famous video-sharing app TikTok for its immoral and indecent content. Later the PM Imran khan also was in favor of the TikTok Ban in Pakistan.

The PTA press release says that they have received many complaints on the nature of the content being uploaded on the TikTok after that they issued a final Notice to the Application a few months before.

“PTA has given the TikTok a great time to change its polity so that it cannot harm the Pakistani society’s Values”.

“But the Application TikTok has failed to implement the changes with the instructions. So therefore PTA has decided to for TikTok Ban in Pakistan”

The TikTok has been informed that the PTA can review its decision if it finds that there is an acceptable mechanism that has been implemented to block the immoral and indecent content on the Application.

This move comes to form Pakistan after months its neighbor India banned the TikTok and other 50 apps which are form Chinese developing authorities. All the countries who had implemented the BAN are over harmfulness of the social values of the society but India has a complete stance over Chinese apps because of the India China Conflict. Pakistan had blocked the Chinese app TikTok for creating the violence and not controlling the indecent content uploaded in the application.

On the other hand, the biggest market of TikTok from the US also remains uncertain due to the US-China Conflicts.

So due to This the Chinese Biggest App As well as a great Economy up lifter app is now not in Good days.

Notice to the TikTok in July 2020

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Issued a Notice and shared its views about the content on the social Application Bigo and TikTok. In July the Bigo Application was blocked and the last warning was issued to TikTok.

Here is one of the Tweets from Twitter/PTAofficialpk

The official Notice Print form the PTA published by PTA on the of July 2020. In this Notice, the Authority is saying that they have been reported much time form the users that this application is against the Islamic rules of law which govern the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Society doesn’t like Immoral and indecent content.

TikTok Response to the BAN

The Social application TikTok Fastly responded to the ban shortly after and said that the TikTok is”committed to following the law” whenever the application is offered to the region.

“TikTok is in contact with the PTA to work with them on this issue. We hope to reach the conclusion that helps us to continue to serve the Nation’s vibrant and creative community online,” TikTok Said.

“TikTok No 1 priority is to give its user a safe and Secure in-app environment”.

“We will take strict measures to keep the platform safer and User friendly, including easy and complete Fair mechanisms to report content that violates TikTok privacy and policy for terms of use and Community Guidelines & policies,” TikTok Given Statement.

PM Wants TikTok Banned

Recently on September 26. the information minister Shibli Faraz Said that prime minister Imran Khan is complete against social media applications like TikTok, which are harming society’s values and should be Blocked.

During the press conference, Shibli Faraz Said: “PM Imran is extremely concerned about the growing obscenity and vulgarity in the society and has directed all the relevant sections to stop the trend before it destroys the religious and social values of Pakistani society”.

The information minister said that the PM has discussed this topic not once or twice but 14 to 15 times.  PM wants a comprehensive strategy against the platforms which are harming the Islamic society through the mainstream media like Social platforms. And PM is incomplete Favor on TikTok Ban in Pakistan.

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