Shortcut key to shutdown or restart |Mac or Windows

Shortcut keys for mac and pc

The following are the standard Shortcut key to shutdown or restart mac or windows. All the shortcuts are 100% working and tested on the standard operating systems both on mac and windows. we are an organization of the best tech content bloggers so say tuned to this platform you will definitely love our content. You are on the next generation platform where you get complete and 100% legal information and facts. this platform tells you about all the tech-related special content so don’t forget to contact us.

Windows shortcut key:

The Shortcut key to shut down the windows is ( alt + f4 ). Just press this. if any application is open so you have to press this shortcut key to close any application and then you have to again press it.. then a dialog box appears .you can press whatever option from the following.

  1. Shutdown
  2. Restart
  3. Sleep( if your device supports sleep mode)

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MAC Shortcut key to shutdown or restart:-

Shortcut key to shutdown or restart
shortcut key


The shortcut key to shut down the mac is   ( control + option + command + power ). This will shut down your mac without and dialogue box and your mac will directly shutdown.


The Shortcut key to restart the Mac is ( Control +command+ power). Just press and leave your mac.


The shortcut key to sleep your mac is (option + command + power). By pressing this your mac will go to sleep mode directly.

Shortcut key to shudown mac or windows

Put your mac display to sleep:

To put your mac display only to the sleep mode then press (Control + shift + power). This shortcut is only for the display of your mac.

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Benefits of Shortcut Keys(shutdown, restart, or sleep)

If we Talk about the History of the Shortcut keys these keys were evolved Because when a Machine User wants to Save its time by just pressing the shortcut key rather than going to the settings and then do the Operation. The Machine developers also wanted to save the machine user Time then these Shortcuts came. Now every Machine or Computer User knows about the basic Shortcuts which he/she uses in his/her daily life when using the Machine. So this helped mostly the user in two ways, firstly by saving the user time and Secondly User now easily press shortcuts rather than to go to setting and then Shutdown or Restart, etc. Due to this now today we can easily press any Shortcut key to shut down or restart, sleep and Save our time with less difficulty.

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