Games Technology – How They Are Shaping the Future Of Online Games?

Summary: Technology has laid a strong base for the brighter world of future games. Let’s highlight several games technology and their impact on the gaming world in the future. 

A far cry from what we experienced in the past and are witnessing right away, future gaming technology is surrounded by lots of new fun opportunities. In the past few years, we have come to a position where expecting any new things and making them realize looks pretty possible. The hyper-realism and a world of advanced AI take a few minutes to allow you to enter a place where you don’t want to come out for long. 

In general, the desktop and mobile games of today are a far apart from a series of games developed yesterday. Virtual reality seems like to create an icing on the cake. The future gaming technology backed by a few promising prototypes has changed the way we think about playing games online.  And, it’s only a result of work done in the last few years and its impact will continue for the many coming years. 

Technology Is a Key Factor To Drive Growth

There is no denying to this fact that technology is a key factor to promote growth in the gaming industry. It makes it pretty possible for individuals to enjoy games as if all was happening in the real life. 

As a matter of fact, most parts of the gaming industry such as esports, casino gaming, consoles, mobile gaming etc. are highly affected by the advancement in technology. And, it is undoubtedly going to cover a long distance while leaving the futuristic technology in a better state. 

Let’s discuss here a few future gaming technologies that we should have a look at a priority basis: 

Games Technology online games

Artificial Intelligence 

It was 1997 when Deep Blue worn the crown of being the first computer to compete and win against the world popular chess champion named Garry Kasparov. Since then lots new rules have been added to artificial intelligence to make it grow. Today even many good players find it pretty difficult to play against the computers. 

There are many virtual games like casinos that have already made use of AI to enhance their customer service and serve their customers with improved support. Here they use chatbots to get connected with their users and reply to them with the human-like answers. It is improving on a daily basis and it will gradually replace the human customer service.


Advanced and Easy-To-Use Wearables 

In general, companies plan to make changes in the specifications of wearables only when their demand grows. There are many countries where people use these wearables to improve their fun and entertainment. These commonly used wearables can be of different tools of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) such as Gameband, HTC Vive, Vuzix iWear, Myo, etc. 

Today numerous firms from all across the world are busy to work with wearables to improvise the gaming experience. The main purpose is to allow users to enjoy easy and realistic gaming experience.

Experts have already noticed a remarkable contribution from the AR and VR gaming. If we consider the figure, it created a gross amount of $6.3 billion in 2019 alone. Companies are still working hard to sort out the puzzles. For an instance, the weight of most headsets is a pound and players can also wear them on their face. 

The tightly grip of the tool makes users sweat and sap up energy perfectly. This has made many companies realize to work on slimming down their VR tools to help their players to play games online comfortably. 

On-demand Gaming 

When it comes to on-demand gaming, you can’t ignore the importance of being participated in live streams of video and online games. Use your device like mobile phones and tablets to allow yourself to enjoy the live streaming of your favorite games. 

And, the best part is that it is improving day by day and users can also expect to witness many new opportunities in this segment. 

Open-Source Development 

The open-source game development is already in huge demand among game developers across the globe. There is no surprise in noticing many companies based on the development of gaming solutions are thinking about expanding their approach beyond the basic operating systems. 

The development of open-source games is happening on a regular basis. Its role in making gaming architectures simpler and more reasonable for companies is matchless. Superpowers, MonoGame, Panda 3D, Delta Engine and Godot Engine are several free and open-source game software tools. 

Creating games in 2D and 3D is done with the help of editors offered by most of these tools. Several highly recognized open-source games are Xonotic, Smokin’ Guns, Doom, etc. There are many 3D games that are playable on desktops, mobile phones, tablets, as well as iPads and iPhones. They can be easily downloadable and playable. 

Impressive Fun Engagement

With the advancement in technology, companies take a pleasure of increasing their fan engagement. A good number of fans can now connect, watch and listen to commentary when their favorite players get enrolled into the computer and mobile games.  

As per the recent submitted by Global Esports in 2020, the company has earned a significant amount of $1 Billion as the number of audiences crossed 433 million. Apart from this, Newzoo further has made a prediction that the viewership of Esports is expected to grow to about 645 million in 2022.  

Final Words:

The regular improvisation in artificial intelligence, game wearables and open-source development will definitely open up many new and exciting opportunities to future games. Users can expect to experience better things and outcomes than they have experienced as of now. 

With the passing time, many more new games will come to you to keep you glued to the screen of your desktop and mobile phones for hours. Good luck to experience a brighter future of Games Technology!

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