Why PEMRA Banned Mehwish Hayat’s Gala Biscuit TV Ad

Pakistani Community is asking about the Banned Mehwish Hayat’s Gala Biscuit TV Ad Reason, so here is the Reason.

The (Federal Minister) FM for the Parliamentary Affairs And a renowned journalist Ansar Abbasi have highly criticized this commercial By the Gala biscuit for its un-decent content.

This TV commercial was relesed on October 4 and was shared by the Senoir actress which in the ambasidor of the brand Gala Mehwish Hayat,

The renowned journalist dubbed her performance as ‘Mujra’ and called for Pakistan Electronic Media (PEMRA) to act against it. He also tagged Prime Minister Imran Khan in his tweet.

The famous journalist Ansar Abbasi Dubbed Mehwish Hayat’s performance As “mujra” and mentioned Pakistan electronic media(PEMRA) to take action against the Immoral act. He Also tagged the PM Imran Khan in his tweet.

The current PTI’s minister Ali Muhammad khan also criticked the TV commercial and said that the PM Imran khan is totally against broadcasting such indecency on TV.

On the other site the Current Minister of science and technology Fawad Choudhary Tweeted and Share his views about this act and said that ” Ali and Ansar Abbasi to focus on some creative work rather than these indecencies.

The TV Commercial, which features dancing moves was Strictly banned by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA). The media watchdog issued an advisory on the type of advertisement content permissible on TV.

The PEMRA is now a days very active on these type of cases where the Pakistani society and Norms are disturbed PEMRA takes Action. That’s why PEMRA Banned Mehwish Hayat’s Gala Biscuit TV Ad

PEMRA said that it has received several complaints regarding the TV commercials for everyday use items like biscuits promoting indecency in the islamic and Pakistani society.

Therefore, the regulator(the PEMRA) has asked all Television channels to get visuals of advertisements reviewed by the In-House Monitoring Committee before Broadcasting.

After this commercial was released this came a controversial topic on the social media and as well as electronic.

BAN mehwish gala biscuit
trend Gala Biscuit

Banned Mehwish Hayat’s Gala Biscuit TV Ad

pemra banned gala biscuit ad

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